Building Healthy Blood

healthy blood

Building Healthy Blood

Inside your body, there are over 60,000 miles of blood vessels, which laid end to end would circle the earth two and a half times. The blood, flowing through these tiny vessels nourishes every cell of the body with water, nutrients and life-giving oxygen, making the flow of blood the river of life for the human body.

In each drop of this precious life-giving fluid, there are about five million red blood cells. Each of these cells contains about 270 million hemoglobin molecules, each of which can carry four molecules of oxygen. It takes one of these cells only 20 seconds to leave the heart, circulate through the body and return. Millions of them die every second to be replaced with fresh red blood cells produced in the bone marrow.

The blood also carries the white blood cells that protect us from infectious disease, the vitamins, minerals, and fuel the body needs to maintain its structure and function, waste materials and toxins that must be processed for elimination and chemical messengers like hormones that regulate cellular processes. It’s little wonder modern medicine tests the blood for so many things to determine a person’s state of health.

The Role of Blood in Your Health Journey

Traditional medicine has always placed great emphasis on blood. Checking the flow of blood through pulse diagnosis is one of the most universally used diagnostic systems in traditional medicine, and terms like blood purifier, blood mover, blood builder and blood tonic are still used to describe the healing actions of various herbs.

So, in this weeks Sunshine Sharing webinar, Steven Horne will be we talking about the importance of blood to your health. We discuss a little about blood chemistry, with emphasis on blood cell counts. Specifically, we’ll talk about red blood cells and anemia, white blood cells and immune function and platelets and clotting disorders. We’ll include concepts from traditional herbalism like toxic blood, blood purifiers, blood deficiency, and blood tonics. Learn how to maintain a healthy and clean river of life so that all the cells of your body can be properly sustained by watching this program.

Top Conditions for Non Healthy Blood


Healthy blood is a blessing that nourishes life. Anemia, a condition of low blood count, is harmful, affecting energy and health. Anemia indicates that there is a deficiency in red blood cells, hemoglobin (the component in red blood cells that carries oxygen) or in total blood volume. This results in fatigue, reduced resistance to illness and other symptoms. Iron alone is not necessarily the solution, since there are many other nutrients necessary for the utilization of iron and the production of hemoglobin.

To supply the body with iron take chelated iron or alfalfa, I-X, and/or yellow dock. A good dose is 8-12 alfalfa or I-X capsules per day along with 4 capsules of yellow dock. This works better than most iron supplements. The Blood Build formula is also beneficial for overcoming anemia, especially in women who lose blood through menses.

Although it does not contain iron, liquid chlorophyll may be helpful in building up iron poor blood. Supplements that help the utilization of iron in the body include L-glutamine, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6 and B-Complex.


A blood clot within a blood vessel is called thrombosis. The formation of these clots is dangerous because if they break loose they can lodge in the heart or brain causing a heart attack or stroke. These remedies help prevent thrombosis. HS-II, Butcher's Broom, Alfalfa, Vitmain E


When a person has too much iron in the blood the condition is known as hemochromatosis. This is commonly a genetic condition, but can be due to a zinc deficiency or problems with iron binding and utilization. When there isn’t enough organic (bound) iron available then the body will use the inorganic (metallic) iron and it has a harder time regulating this in the cell. Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin C are helpful in improving iron binding.

We suggest Steven Horne's webinar "Building the Blood" if you want to dig more into this topic.

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