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Jasper Magnetic Knee Sock

The knee support is tubular in shape and tan in color.  Flexible and comfortable stretch cotton and synthetic blend. Each magnet is 0.4” x 0.1” thick and 900 gauss each in strength.    Ideal for athletes, aerobics, jogging or hiking. Support is soft and stretchable with cotton inner lining.  Each size has 32-900 gauss strength magnets. Available in alternating (Alt.) and all north (N).        
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Magnetic Insoles

These insoles use magnets in strategic locations to gently press down on your feet while you walk or stand. Shoe insoles with a higher arch section offer arch and plantar support. Each insole is constructed of a stretchy vinyl material that can be cut to size, and they each feature 8–800 gauss magnets. (Size 5-9 fits; size 9-12 fits; and so on.) Only the north (N) is covered.
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