Iridology Analysis

Iridology is the study of the eyes in order to acquire information about a person's overall health. The color and structure of the iris, sclera, and pupil are examined to assist us in comprehending past, current, and future health issues.

Different areas of the eyes correspond to different organs, parts of the body, and personality traits, and we can learn about their weaknesses and strengths.

Iridology has been known to detect potential health imbalances early on and highlight specific nurturing areas that require extra attention in daily living.

Online Analysis

After booking your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions (if you do not see it, check your spam/promotions folder). You must send me three high-quality photographs of each eye so that I can see all of the key markers.

Please let me know in the email if there is anything special you’re interested in learning about or any health problems you’d like me to address.

I’ll then analyze the images and produce a report on my findings, which I’ll deliver to you in 2 to 3 days

Here is what you will receive in your Digital Iridology Analysis

  1.  Receive digital photos with markings of imbalanced areas
  2. List of all imbalanced areas and there recommendation for herbal supplements to bring back into balance.
  3. List of herbal products to take to help with all imbalances
  4. If you choose to purchase the recommended products you will receive a personal daily program of the products to take.  These will be in a daily package to take on a daily basis, no more counting out herbs to take. less stress and easy to take. Plus you will receive a 26% off on your first order of products.
  5. You will receive an one on one consultation either by phone or zoom of your choice for one hour. 
  6.  Receive a packet with all the images and intake sheets in the mail for your records to keep for future appointments.  

We need really crisp, detailed photos of both eyes for iridology. Use the highest resolution possible and get someone to help you. If you’ve got a good camera, use that (set to macro), otherwise an iphone should be fine (using the back camera).

Natural day light is best, indoors and next to a window.

  • Position yourself close to a window and stand sideways to it (facing the window will cause glare).
  • Use your fingers to open your upper and lower eyelids so that your whole iris (coloured part of your eye) is visible.
  • Get close to the camera, making sure it focuses on the iris and look directly into the lens.
  • Use a tripod or have someone with a steady hand to take a few photos. Have the iris in the centre of the photo.
  • Adjust to get better photos if necessary: move back slightly, try flash, use HDR on phone, etc.
  • Check photos: Zoom in to see if the photo is clear, focused and that you can see as much detail as possible. If the iris is blurry, there is glare, red eye or you can’t see the entire iris, try again.
  • Once you 3 great quality photos of each eye, rename them on your computer (eg. Lucy Jones -Left eye 1) and email them to me. If the files are big you can send them in multiple emails.

*Just remember that my reading can only be as good as the quality of the photos, so be sure to double and triple check the quality. If you need more help taking photos of the eyes, please watch our YouTube video on how to take good photos with a phone.

If you choose to have an Iridology Analysis done in person then directly call me: 785-309-9215 . I can do in-person appointments on Saturdays 10AM to 4 PM, Sunday 1pm to 4PM

What to expect for an in person Analysis

  1.  We will take a 2 digital photos of each eye for future comparison
  2. You will receive a 1 hour consultation of the analysis.
  3. You will receive a image sketched of imbalanced areas
  4.  You will receive a recommended herbal supplements of products
  5.  If you choose to purchase recommended product we will tailor a daily program for you to be shipped to you.
  6. You will receive a packet with images and intake sheets for you records for future references. 

Scheduling in-person analysis

To schedule an in-person appointment, call: 785-309-9215

I can do in-person appointments on Saturdays 10AM to 4 PM, Sunday 1pm to 4PM

The online appointments is  24/7

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life circumstances can uproot our best plans.  Please be courteous, as we have set up this cancellation policy to respect our time as well as that of our clients.  This cancellation policy is for in-person sessions. There is no cancellation policy for Digital Analysis

  • There is no charge for any sessions that are canceled or rescheduled 24 hours before the start time of your original session. 

  • 50% of session rate is charged if the session is canceled or rescheduled within 12 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • 100% of session rate is charged if the session is canceled or rescheduled within 6 hours prior to your appointment. 

  • We strongly believe that your time is valuable and should be treated with respect. Therefore, if we must cancel your appointment within 12 hours of your appointment, your next session will be 50% off. 



Iridology cannot be used to diagnose any medical issues. The material I provide is only for educational reasons and should not be construed as medical advice. I do not prescribe herbs or supplements purely based on iridology findings.  If you need medical help, please seek a doctor for any further treatment.

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