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5-HTP Power

  • May help support mood and sleep.
  • Helps the body adapt to stress.
  • Supports the nervous and structural systems.
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This safe, natural metabolite of DHEA may increase the production of T3, the thyroid hormone critical to determining the body’s basal metabolic rate.

  • Supports weight management goals
  • Stimulates thyroid production & immunity
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Cellu-Smooth® w/ Coleus


Feel good about your heart with a natural plant extract that supports circulatory health. Multiple scientific studies suggest this extract provides significant nutritional attributes for the circulatory system.

  • Supports general circulation
  • Mobilizes fat and lymph stores for efficient distribution
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A mild herb, helpful and time honors to help get things flowing, and operating for relief and regularity.

  • Traditionally used for urinary support
  • Traditionally used for glandular system support
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Chromium GTF (300 mcg)


The central atom in the “glucose tolerance factor” (GTF), Chromium transports quick fuel glucose into cells for energy. Enhanced benefit from horsetail, red clover and yarrow.

  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range
  • Helps support circulatory systems and vascular health
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Out of Stock. Est. Availability: 04/28/23

Help your body feel good with some healthy fatty acids. These natural fatty acids can enhance your weight management program by helping to build lean muscle and burn more calories. Plus you’ll get immune and cardiovascular benefits!

  • Helps promote lean muscle mass in conjunction with exercise
  • Helps maintain normal range cholesterol levels
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Garcinia Combination


Find your feel-good weight with a little help from nature. You’ll love this combination of weight management powerhouses, including garcinia, chickweed, l-carnitine and chromium.

  • May influence fat metabolism to support weight management
  • May support normal range blood sugar levels
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Sometimes you just need that little extra something to get you over the hump. And l-carnitine may just be it!

  • Antioxidant support for overall health
  • Supports fatty acid metabolism
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Lower Bowel Stimulator (Formerly LBS II®)


This best-selling exclusive formula combines potent herbs and natural ingredients to get things moving.

  • Supports bowel regularity and stimulation
  • Herbs promote natural laxative elimination
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MetaboMax® Free


The caffeine-free version of MetaboMax® Plus, for the weight management boost without the buzz. This effective blend may help calorie burn, while curbing appetite and reducing fat stores.

  • Helps promote fat loss
  • Increases metabolism and energy levels
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Nature’s Chi, TCM Concentrate


This harmonious Chinese blend boosts energy with eleuthero and ginseng, and supports circulation with tang kei and ho shou wu roots.

  • Supports metabolism, circulation, and energy for physical activity
  • Supports the immune and glandular systems
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Nature’s Cortisol Formula®


Stress-free feels good. Boost your stress response with cortisol, DHEA and nervous system supporting herbs and minerals. Plus, cortisol levels have been connected to weight management efforts!

  • May support the body’s reaction to stress
  • May help maintain normal range cortisol and blood glucose levels
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