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Powerful, Chinese cordyceps mushroom keeps you going longer and stronger.

  • Promotes energy, stamina, endurance and strength
  • Supports healthy lung function



Traditionally honored to support vitality, Damiana is sourced for its purity and potency, and tested to deliver results.

  • Supports the glandular system.
  • May support sexual health.



We all want balance, and multiple trips to the bathroom at night is NOT it. Find your Equolibrium™ today!

  • Contains equol, shown to bind to DHT to protect the prostate
  • Supports healthy prostate function and urinary flow without side effects

Ginseng, Korean

  • Helps the body adapt to stress.
  • Boosts energy.
  • Strengthens and supports the immune system.
  • Balances the glandular system.

Herbal Pumpkin (Colon and Intestinal Health)


Harvest a bushel of gut health benefits! This innovative, plant-based formula supports colon and digestive health and helps create a balanced microbiome.

  • Supports the lubrication and cleansing of the colon
  • Traditionally supports intestinal function and health



Also known as Peruvian ginseng, Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a member of the radish family, contains several flavones and flavonoid glycosides that have been used historically to address the needs of the reproductive system.

  • Traditionally used to support the reproductive system
  • Traditional support for stamina and reducing fatigue

Men’s DHEA-M

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  • Supports male glandular system.
  • Hormone precursor.
  • Supplements naturally-produced DHEA.

Men’s Formula w/ Lycopene


Offering nutrition especially needed by the male body, from saw palmetto, lycopene, pumpkin seeds, zinc and more. Prostate health for the win!

  • Supports and protects the prostate gland
  • Supports male glandular health

P-X (Urinary & Kidney Support)

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  • Supports the urinary system.
  • Support kidney function

PS II® (Healthy Prostate And Male Glandular)


The small prostate grows to be a big deal for aging men. Support glandular health with targeted nutrition powered by mother nature.

  • Helps the body support a healthy prostate gland
  • Provides nutrition for the male glandular system


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  • Pomegranate Citrus Flavor
  • Improved energy production
  • Increased exercise capacity and stamina
  • Supports optimal brain circulation
  • Healthy sexual performance
  • Cardiovascular and heart health function
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Decreased body fat

Rosemary, Wild


Rosemary’s storied, cooling aroma has been noted for centuries.

  • Stimulates memory
  • Helps combat emotional fatigue