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The revolutionary, patented formula combines unique herbs and minerals to empower calm & confidence amidst life’s storms.

  • Relieves occasional fatigue & anxiousness
  • Non-drowsy, non-habit forming mood support
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Potent, natural adaptogenic herbs blended to support the mind-body connection. Experience the optimal Ashwagandha awakening.

  • Supports stabilized stress response and cognitive performance
  • Supports physical performance, endurance and wellness
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CORE Balancing Essential Oil Blend


Like a meditative stroll through a deep and fragrant forest, notes of wood and subtle spice help intent to turn inward; achieving centeredness and connection. Find balance with CORE.

  • Perfect to diffuse during meditation, yoga, writing or sketching
  • Use with Nature’s Sunshine Massage Oil for a quiet, relaxing massage
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Distress Remedy (Flower Remedy)


Teary moments and stressful days deserve a little extra attention. Enjoy this natural flower essence formula. Bright days are ahead.

  • Supports emotional balance
  • May assist the body with occasional emotional distress
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Essential Shield Essential Oil Blend


Shield yourself against the changing seasons with this protective formula.

  • Provides soothing and penetrating properties
  • Is useful during the changing seasons
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Kava Kava Concentrate

  • Supports the nervous system.
  • Naturally Calming.
  • Traditionally used for relief of occasional anxiety.
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Magnesium Complex

Relax. Help those muscles rest while you re-energize. Magnesium is essential to proper musculoskeletal health. Plus it works with calcium to help strengthen bones.
  • Helps support normal muscle function
  • Contributes to energy production
  • Contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
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Nervous Fatigue TCM Concentrate


This concentrated blend of adaptogenic herbs helps relieve occasional stress and promote feelings of well-being, following principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Supports digestion, circulation, and the nervous system
  • Traditionally used to promote healthy, balanced sleep
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Your life is often stressful, and that’s why we created Nutri-Calm. This superior blend of vitamins and selected herbs promotes a sense of peace and calm. Give your nervous system an extra boost to handle whatever life throws at you.
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Helps maintain a sense of calm
  • Features Schisandra fruit, Valerian root, Passionflower and Hops
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REFUGE Calming Authentic Oils Blend


Calming blend with notes of mellow floral, luscious citrus and inviting vanilla create a personal quiet space in any environment where calm is needed.

  • Diffuse in a room for calming effect
  • Makes a perfect spa-day addition to baths, salt scrubs and lotions
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Stress Relief TCM Concentrate

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  • Nourishes the nervous system.
  • May optimize gastric function.
  • Supports circulatory health.
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This time honored formula features passionflower, hops, and chamomile, traditionally used for providing natural, calming mood support.

  • Relieves occasional stress
  • Promotes feelings of calm
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