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Frequently Asked Question!

Can iridology detect heart problems?

The designed system can be used to detect early symptoms of heart function problem by using the Iridology method with the highest recognition rate of 92.5% using the PCA score of 600. vulnerable to have a failure on their function on distributing blood to the whole body.

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What are the benefits of iridology?
  • Helps the practitioner identify a client’s potential strength or health weakness.
  • Provides a starting point for lifestyle considerations and education.
  • Partners beautifully with nutrition.
  • Helps prevent unwanted conditions by showing areas that need support.
  • Reflects your unique body type.
What can Iridologist tell?

An iridology exam shows the colour variation, structure, pigmentation, and other characteristics of your iris, which provide important information about your health and wellbeing. 

Where does iridology originate from?

Origins. The basic concept of iridology has existed for centuries. The medical school of the University of Salerno in Italy offered training in iris diagnosis. A book published by Philippus Meyers in 1670, called Chiromatica medica, noted that signs in the iris indicate diseases.

Are nerve rings bad?

Limbal rings aren’t associated with any health conditions that doctors and researchers know of. Having limbal rings (or not having them, for that matter) isn’t a reason to worry. Light blue, white, or gray rings around your eyes, known as corneal arcus, can be a cause for concern, especially if you’re under 40.