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Anti Gas TCM Concentrate

  • Supports the digestive, intestinal and urinary systems.
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A mild herb, helpful and time honors to help get things flowing, and operating for relief and regularity.

  • Traditionally used for urinary support
  • Traditionally used for glandular system support
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Juniper Berries


Boasting a unique nutritional profile that includes beneficial quercetin, proanthocyanidins and volatile oil.

  • Herbal urinary system support
  • Traditionally used for gastorintestinal support
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Kidney Activator TCM Conentrate

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  • Promotes kidney function.
  • May help clear retained water.
  • Supports the urinary tract.
  • May support joint health.
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Kidney Activator, Chinese


Let it flow… This unique Chinese herbal blend with morus root bark, hoelen, alisma and astragalus helps with the flow of moisture. Its Chinese name means “clear the dampness.”

  • Traditionally used to support the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract
  • Contributes to overall energy, stamina and wellness
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Kidney Drainage


Convenient liquid delivery of tested herbs traditionally used to help the flow & function of our hard working kidneys.

  • Supports urinary system
  • Supports kidney function
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Liver Balance TCM Concentrate

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  • Supports the hepatic, digestive and nervous systems.
  • Supports the liver cleansing function.
  • May help reduce stress and restore vigor.
  • Enhances digestion.
  • May increase feelings of well-being.
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Niacin (250 mg)


Go from tired to on top of the world! Niacin helps your body use food for energy efficiently. It also supports skin and nerve health.

  • Supports energy levels
  • Supports the nervous and circulatory systems
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Patchouli Authentic Essential Oil


Balance and maintain with this rich, earthy aroma. Delivering a subtle fruity accent renowned for its calming skin benefits.

  • Has a balancing effect on emotions
  • Helps improve the appearance of dry skin when mixed with lotion
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Pine Needle Authentic Essential Oil


Recharge and Revitalize with this familiar, fresh pine aroma that conjures a feeling of the crisp, clean woods.

  • Natural deodorizer
  • Diffuse to freshen and awaken
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Pink Grapefruit Authentic Essential Oil


Uplift and Energize with the fresh and tangy aroma of pink grapefruit, celebrated for its uplifting effects.

  • Diffuse in a room to elevate mood
  • Known to ease nervous exhaustion
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PS II® (Healthy Prostate And Male Glandular)


The small prostate grows to be a big deal for aging men. Support glandular health with targeted nutrition powered by mother nature.

  • Helps the body support a healthy prostate gland
  • Provides nutrition for the male glandular system
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