Understanding the biochemical make-up of the mind aids in understanding how to properly nourish it. To begin, here are the five most important nutrients your brain requires to function properly.

1. Water: Because the brain is 70% water, it is extremely sensitive to dehydration. Start by drinking more pure water if you want to think more clearly and protect your gray matter.

2. Good fats: Fifty to sixty percent of the "dry" weight of the brain is fat, with omega-3 fatty acids accounting for 35% of that fat. To keep your brain healthy, you must be a "fathead" by eating the right kinds of fats. DHA is the most abundant omega-3 fatty acid in the brain. DHA is required for proper brain function and is primarily found in fish oil. Cold-water fish, such as halibut, mackerel, salmon, herring, anchovies, trout, and tuna, are very good for your brain. DHA is a single supplement that is found in Super Omega-3 EPA. Vegans, in particular, are frequently deficient in this fatty acid and should consider supplementation.

Simultaneously, stay away from hydrogenated oils (shortening and margarine) and transfatty acids found in processed and deep-fried foods. These fats are harmful to your brain.

3. Amino acids (protein): In addition to fat, the brain requires amino acids from protein. Neurotransmitters require amino acids to be produced. Meals high in protein tend to raise dopamine and norepinephrine levels (which results in a more alert mind and a better mood). Breakfast protein foods are especially important. Having protein for breakfast helps to boost mental alertness and keep blood sugar levels stable. Super Algae is an excellent supplement for neurotransmitter production. It is high in amino acids and has been used to improve alertness, energy, and pituitary function.

4. B-Vitamins: B-vitamin-rich foods are critical for lowering the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as cardiovascular disease. B-vitamins play a role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine, and serotonin. Recent research has linked declining memory and Alzheimer's disease to low levels of folic acid, vitamin B-12, and vitamin B-6. Nutri-Calm is an excellent source of B vitamins and other nutrients that promote healthy brain function.

5. Antioxidants: A growing body of evidence links most aging-related problems to inflammation and oxidative stress, including deteriorating mental conditions like dementia, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease. Because the brain is especially vulnerable to damage from inflammation and free radicals, eating plenty of antioxidant-rich fresh fruits and vegetables, organically grown whenever possible, is an important part of properly feeding your brain.

Thai-Go is a convenient, simple, and tasty way to increase antioxidant intake. Taking Super Trio is another way to combat inflammation and reduce free radical damage. Brain Protex is a third option for brain protection. Brain Protex contains an extract of Chinese club moss, which contains huperzine A. Huperzine A has been shown to aid in the prevention and progression of Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Brain and Blood Sugar

Blood sugar balance is another important factor in brain health. The brain consumes more blood sugar (glucose) than any other organ and absorbs it directly from the bloodstream, eliminating the need for insulin. The amount of sugar in your blood directly influences how much sugar reaches your brain. Too much sugar stimulates the brain, resulting in agitation, irritability, and nervousness. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can cause mental confusion, irritability, shakiness, and difficulty concentrating.

To keep the brain stable, the pancreas regulates blood sugar levels. Problems with blood sugar have been linked to age-related cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease. These blood sugar issues cause inflammation, which can harm brain cells.

So, while the brain requires sugar for energy, simple sugars contribute to "brain fog" and mental decline. Instead of refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white flour, and other processed grains, choose complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The Brain and Circulation

Because the brain requires so much oxygen and sugar, it requires a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood. Exercise is critical for maintaining good blood flow to the brain because blood flowing to the head must fight gravity. This is why even going for a walk can help you clear your mind. Exercise on a regular basis to maintain a healthy brain and sharp mind.

Brain function will suffer if blood flow to the brain becomes impaired due to arterial constriction or hardening of the arteries. Fortunately, there are herbs and supplements that can improve blood flow to the brain while also improving cognitive processes.

Ginkgo biloba maintains blood vessel and capillary flexibility, which aids circulation and increases blood flow to the brain, improving neurons' glucose and oxygen uptake. It is also a potent antioxidant that protects cells and has been shown to improve neurotransmission by normalizing acetylcholine and norepinephrine levels. Gotu kola stimulates nerve and brain cell regeneration, strengthens the adrenal glands, and purifies the blood. It has traditionally been used to improve memory, but it is also a potent rejuvenating tonic.

The hardening of the arteries reduces blood flow to the brain and thus cognitive function. People with low blood flow to the brain frequently become sleepy when sitting for long periods of time and struggle with being absent minded. In these cases, Mega-Chel oral chelation is beneficial.

Toxins and Cognitive Function

Toxins, particularly fat-soluble toxins (such as petrochemical solvents) and heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and lead, can cause serious brain damage. Furthermore, drugs and alcohol cause significant brain damage.

To keep your mind clear and active, avoid as many chemicals as possible, refrain from using drugs, and limit your alcohol consumption. To avoid chemicals, avoid using aluminum cookware, purifying your drinking water, using non-toxic household cleaning and personal care products, and carefully reading labels.

Heavy Metal Detox and Enviro-Detox are two excellent supplements for ridding the body of unwanted chemicals. When participating in any type of detoxification program, make sure to drink plenty of water. It may also be beneficial to take a fiber supplement. Detoxification reduces inflammation, improves sleep quality, improves brain function, and promotes overall health.

Another great product to help rid heavy toxins in the body is Pure Body Extra and Pure body. These two products use Zeolite.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that can profoundly transform your health. And by no means is that an exaggeration. Mounting scientific evidence shows that zeolite can provide life-changing benefits to your health—from detoxing to strengthening your immune system.

Zeolite is also the only substance in the world that can effectively cleanse a wide range of toxins from your body. As far as supplements go, it’s a game-changer.

To give you a better idea of just how powerful zeolite is, here are the top 6 health benefits of taking a high-quality zeolite supplement, all backed by science.



Herbal Formulas: Ginkgo & Hawthorn Combination, Nervous Fatigue Chinese (HS-C), Trigger Immune®, HSN-W

Herbs: Blessed ThistleGotu kolaGinkgo Biloba, Sage

Nutrients: MSM, DHA, 

Nutritional Supplements: Vitamin B-Complex Balanced, Super Trio, Nutri-Calm

Essential Oils: Rosemary Wild, Peppermint

Nutraceuticals: Brain-Protex w/ Huperzine A, Mega-Chel (MC), Super Antioxidant, Super ORAC, Focus Attention, Focus Attention PowderThai-Go®, Heavy Metal Detox, 

Touchstone Products: Pure Body Extra, Pure Body


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