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Aloe Vera, Freeze Dried


Aloe juice hard to swallow? Try convenient capsules. Same powerful gut benefits…zero taste issues.

  • Supports and soothes the intestinal system
  • Conveniently delivers salicylates and prostaglandins

Bergamot (15ML)


Revitalize and Overcome with Bergamot. The sweet, tangy citrusy scent is used to ease tension and fear.

  • Frequently used in massage therapy for calming effect
  • Organically Grown



According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, compounds in burdock help detoxify the blood and promote healthy circulation.

  • Provides traditional support for the digestive system
  • Supports detox and circulation



Natural cleansing made possible by powerful probiotics and digestive enzymes, boosted by specific herbs honored traditionally used for digestive support.

  • Supports the body’s natural cleansing functions
  • Contains friendly flora for the intestinal tract

Life Mate 360 Capsules

For a limited time get 20% OFF for one bottle of Life-Mate or if you purchase 2 or more receive 25% off your order. ORDER TODAY!!! Use Code 25%OFFLM when checking out. Life-Mate is created to help support the Endocrine Gland System so that your body will create the proper hormones to distribute nutrients to the necessary parts of the body.

Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray


Invigorate and Soothe with Lemongrass. As its name implies, this oil has a fresh, lemony, grassy aroma that has an efficacious and purifying element.

  • Mix with Hand & Body Lotion and apply topically to help improve the appearance of healthy looking skin
  • Brightens and elevates mood

Red Mandarin


Serene and tranquil, Red Mandarin’s sweet, tangy, warm scent is known to invoke tranquility to body and soul.

  • Soothing effects combat agitation
  • Aroma is effective with restless children



Harmonize and cleanse with this luxurious woody aroma. Rich and lasting, often sought for its calming effects.

  • Can be diffused to lighten and balance mood
  • Moisturizes dry skin when applied in a lotion or cream



Support digestive functions with the potent herbal extracts of SF®.

  • Supports weight management efforts
  • Provides intestinal, urinary and digestive support

Ultimate Echinacea


Feel better faster. Ultimate Echinacea combines three different species for maximum benefits, all to get you back to health.

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Convenient blend of 3 powerful echinacea species

Wild Yam & Chaste Tree


Synergistic herbal support for women’s health & hormonal harmony.

  • Supplies nutrients for glandular function
  • Supports the female reproductive system